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St Mary’s Parish - Liturgy Group

The Liturgy Group’s aim is to provide our Parishioners celebrations of the Parish Liturgies.

As a group we oversee the weekend Masses to ensure that the music reflects the readings and the Projector provides the parts of the Mass, the words to our Hymns for new, visiting or returning Parishioners as well as showing relevant pictures and/or videos for special events during the Liturgical year. We work together as a team on the approach to Advent and Lent to provide the powerful message of these special times in our year.

If you are involved in a group or are part of another culture that has celebrations during the year, please contact the Parish and we will work with you to support the celebrations of these events for you. We are able to show videos related to the Liturgy at the beginning or the end of the celebration. We are very happy to hear music and songs from other cultures to enrich the lives of us all and provide an inclusive Parish for everyone.

St Mary’s Parish – Finance Committee

The responsibility of the Finance committee is to ensure that the finances are available to maintain the operations of the Parish and also to finance the implementation of the projects envisaged by the Parish Pastoral Council. This is an important service if we are to maintain our Parish and expand its mission.
The St Mary’s Finance Committee members are Monsignor Peter Jeffrey (Parish Priest), Anthony Butts (St Mary’s Primary School Principal), Chris Hogarty (Finance Committee Chairman), Chris Sullivan, Helen Betson, Bev Ryan, Maree Williams and Diane Teitzel (Parish Secretary).
The Finance Committee meet every third Monday of the month. If you have any queries in regards to Parish Finances feel free to contact any of the people listed above.

Bingo Committee

Bingo has been operating at St. Marys for some 40 years. It is organised by a Committee of five people. Tom Dumaresq, Bev Ryan ,Emma De Fide, John Kiss and Maree Williams.

License is held by Tom Dumaresq on behalf of St. Marys Parish/School. Bingo is run every Saturday night in the Marian Centre next to the Church at 7.30. it is run solely by volunteers from the Parish and school. Funds are distributed to the school and Parish.

We need 8-10 people to run Bingo each week. We have a small kiosk, sell Break open tickets as well as 4 books of Bingo each night. We attract 80 to 100 people each Saturday night. It is a very social night for many of the attendants as well as a good fund raiser for the school and Parish.

Catering Group

We have a small catering group for the Parish that assists with refreshments after a funeral and other small parish functions. This group is led by Bev Ryan and Carmel O ‘Sullivan. They mainly provide a cup of tea and sandwiches, slices – some times hot food – as required at a small cost to the family.