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St Mary's places a high value on Literacy.  Programs include First Steps, THRASS and OLSEL.

At St Mary's our Maths Curriculum inlcudes the areas of Number, Space, Measurement, Chance and Data. Differentiation is a major part of the way we teach maths with all children's needs being catered for. St Mary's also utilises Mathletics.

ICT - Information and Communication Technology
St Mary's has invested heavily in the pursuit of providing a quality information technology program. Children are encouraged to use technology in all areas of the curriculum.

Our Grade 5/6 classes are currently 1:1 with each child having access to a Mac Book everyday. All other classes have access to Mac Books on a daily basis with 4 trolleys of laptops available for their use. Each class also has 4 other laptops in their classrooms. St Mary's is currently trialing iPads with the intention of buying more in the future particularly in our P/1 area.

Information and Communication Technology is an important part of all areas of school life therefore our students are explicitly taught how to use technology correctly and responsibly. All classes experience lessons about Cybersafety and how to remain safe online. Emailing is introduced in Year Two and is an important step into the online world.

Many classes have class blogs which are used to showcase our students wonderful work as well inform parents and friends about what happens in class on a daily basis. Our 4/5/6s use Edmodo, an educational social networking site similar to Facebook, to communicate with each other, parents and teachers. Edmodo is also a great way for students and teachers to share work.